Map of the Fallen Sky

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toelet asked: I really adore your art and was wondering what application you use to draw? c:

I use Sai :)  occasionally I’ll use photoshop for certain effects and brushes and for prints as well!

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Anonymous asked: hi, i just wanted to say that you're my favorite homestuck artist and i always look forward to seeing your art because it's so colorful and pretty. uwu hope you feel better!

Thankyou so much lovely I really appreciate it! ;u;

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hsfeferipeixes asked: Steven Universe!!


sorry it’s just a messy sketch!  

My gem would definitely be moonstone and I would use chakrams because they’re super cool! =u=

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irlion asked: HHHHH Stumbled upon your art and it's so cute Q U Q <3 THE COLORS ARE WONDERFUL AHHHHHH (/)w(\)

ahhhhhh thankyou!!! ^u^  coloring is my favorite part of drawing =u=

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stevenunivurse asked: Hi just wanted to say you're my favorite artist on tumblr and you seem super cute c:

goodness thankyou VuV I didn’t feel too cute today but this cheered me up a lot!

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